STU Overseas Faculty Meeting Held with Glutinous Rice Ball Making Workshop on 27th December 2020


On the afternoon of 27th December 2020, the Shantou University overseas faculty meeting was held by the International Office along with the glutinous rice ball making workshop co-hosted by the School of International Education. Vice President Prof. Liu Wenhua of Shantou University and Dr. Gao Jian, the Director of the International Office and Dean of the School of International Education attended the event joined by more than 20 overseas faculty and students.

The meeting kicked off with a warm welcome speech delivered by Vice President Prof. Liu Wenhua, who sent the regards and wishes to all overseas faculty and students, thanking all for their valuable contributions and support to the university. He addressed the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, but also pointed out that Shantou University, by keeping its bedrock commitments to development and disease prevention, has achieved remarkable progress in all aspects in 2020. He stressed that the university will continue to spare no efforts in its improvement in service, administration and infrastructure to make the campus a sweet and comfortable home to all overseas faculty and students, with more leisure activities available in the coming years. In the meantime, he encouraged the overseas faculty to get more involved in the university’s growth and to take the competitive advantages they have in multilingualism and global visions to boost the university’s development in academic teaching and scientific research. The overseas faculty cheered in a burst of applause to echo with the vice president’s remarks and left comments and suggestions on issues ranging from campus facilities and services to educational resources for children of the overseas faculty, in the expectation of Shantou University’s future prosperity.

The glutinous rice ball making workshop followed the meeting, pushing the event to a climax where overseas faculty and students were introduced to the Chinese traditional culture and custom on the winter solstice and offered the precious opportunity of making glutinous rice balls on their own. All guests were also fascinated by the Kongfu tea ceremony performance presented by the tea art performing group of the students from the residential college of Esther Hall at Shantou University. Some faculty and students were so excited by the tea art that they came onto the stage to make a cup of Kongfu tea by themselves.

Another climax reached when a video was shot at end of the event to celebrate the coming New Year of 2021, which also marks the 40th anniversary of Shantou University. Led by the hosts from the International Office and School of International Education, all attendees participated in the video shooting, sending out their best wishes to all faculty, staff and students of Shantou University, especially those who are currently stranded outside mainland China because of COVID-19, together with the encouragement to stay strong and united in the fight against the pandemic and in the hope for a better future. The shouting by all, to the camera and everyone, of “HAPPY NEW YEAR AND STAY STRONG” brought closure to the event with a successful and memorable culmination.