Please download the attached form, ask your Chinese buddy to fulfil it before check out your accommodation.



attached form.doc


1. Print out the attached form and fill in the first two lines of the form by yourself (Student Number, Name, Sex, STU Account, Phone Number, Dorm Number)


2. Water and Electricity Center, which is next to the Science and Technology Building. If the balance in your campus card is sufficient to pay for your water and electricity bills, the staff there can deduct the bills directly from your card. Otherwise, please top up your campus card first.


3. Duty Office, please return your keys and remote controls there. Duty Office of H/I Buildings, Veritus College, please go to the Duty Office on the first floor of Veritus College.


4. Finance Office. You may get your deposit back from Finance Office. Finance Office is closed at 17:00 (Mon. to Fri.), so please make sure you finish all check out procedures at least one hour earlier.


5. “Mingzhe Property office”, which is located on 1/F of the Origo College. Please DO remember to submit your checkout form to this office after you get your deposit back.