You are expected to arrive at the University to register at the beginning of new semester with the Admission Notice.  The Admission Notice will become invalid after the above date unless your delay has been approved beforehand by the University.  Please contact your academic school or college before leaving. Once you arrive at Shantou University, first register at your academic school or college. Then please come to International Office for accommodation and payment.



1. Accommodation

Your accommodation for one year does not cover the winter/summer vocation. All the residents have to check out during the winter/summer vocation as required by Dorm Management Office.

2. Deposit (refundable)

The deposit of 800RMB is required by Water and Electricity Centre. If the balance in your campus card is sufficient to pay for your water and electricity bills, the staff there can deduct the bills directly from your card. Otherwise, your water and electricity arrearage will be deducted from your deposit. Your deposit will be refunded after you finish all check-out procedures and clear all water and electricity bills for your room.

3. Insurance

Introduction of Insurance Scheme is available on http://

4. Remittance Information

All fees should be paid in ONE installment after your arrival at Shantou University. Your fees should be paid into the following bank account:

Account Name: Shantou University

RMB Remittance Account: 628857760147

Bank of Deposit: Guangdong, Shantou, Bank of China, Shantou University Branch




5. Visa Photo

For those who study at Shantou University more than half a year, you need to take your visa photo at the East Gate Photo Studio to meet the requirement of the Entry & Exit Administration Department of Public Security of Guangdong Province. You should present your photo receipt to Shantou University International Office after taking the photo.


6. Opening Bank

 You should open your own bank account in China as the CSC will pay your scholarship directly into that bank account. When you successfully opened your bank account, please tell me your Bank Name, Account Number, Beneficiary to my Email: