You are expected to arrive at the University to register at the beginning of new semester with the Admission Notice.  The Admission Notice will become invalid after the above date unless your delay has been approved beforehand by the University.  Please contact your academic school or college before leaving. Once you arrive at Shantou University, please firstly register at your academic school or college, then at International Office for accommodation, payment and residence permit application. Please carefully read the following notes regarding your registration. 



1. Accommodation

Your accommodation for one year does not cover the winter/summer vacation. All the student residents have to check out during the winter/summer vocation as required by the Dorm Management Office.

2. Deposit (refundable)

A deposit of RMB 800 is required by the Water and Electricity Center. If the balance in your campus card is sufficient to pay for your water and electricity bills, the staff there can deduct the bills directly from your card. Otherwise, your water and electricity arrearage will be deducted from your deposit. Your deposit will be refunded after you have completed the check-out procedures and settled all the outstanding water and electricity bills for your room.

3. Insurance

Introduction of the insurance scheme is available at  

4. Chinese Mobile Phone Number

You need to obtain a valid Chinese mobile phone number for daily communication, bank activation or using mobile apps in China. China Mobile is located beside the convenience store down below the 2nd Canteen on campus with tel.: +86-0754-8805 3952 and work hrs.: 9:00-17:00. 

To open your Chinese mobile phone account, you need to present the original of your passport and admission letter to the staff. 

5.Bank Opening

You need to go with the original of your passport and valid Chinese mobile phone number to the Bank of China (tel.: +86-0754-8290 4616; work hrs.: 9:00-12:00 & 14:30-17:00) behind Bldg. 789 on campus to open a Chinese bank account for any expense or CSC scholarship during your study period in China. 

After you have successfully opened your bank account, please email with your Bank Name, Account Number, Beneficiary to

For you convenience, it is advised that you link your bank account with your WeChat and Alipay account to settle any mobile payment in the future (e.g. payment for your residence permit application). 

6. Remittance Information

All fees should be paid in ONE installment after your arrival at Shantou University. Your fees should be paid into the following bank account:

Account Name: Shantou University

RMB Remittance Account: 628857760147

Bank of Deposit: Guangdong, Shantou, Bank of China, Shantou University Branch




7. Police Registration

Expatriate students are required to register at the local police station within 24 hours upon arrival on campus. To register with the local Police station, you need to email, upon your entry into Chinese mainland, a scanned copy, or a clear picture, of your passport ID page, Chinese visa page and the page with the latest entry stamp to the International Office at The International Office will apply on behalf of you for the police registration for your convenience. 

8. Residence Permit Application (for students holding X1 visa only)

If you are holding an X1 visa, you are required to apply for a residence permit (for study purpose) in Shantou WITHIN 30 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF ENTRY INTO MAINLAND CHINA. You need to go in person, accompanied if necessary by staff from the International Office or student assistant(s), to the Exit-Entry Administration Hall of the Public Security Bureau (PSB) in Shantou (address: 88 Huanghe Road, Shantou 汕头市黄河路88号出入境户政办证大厅; Tel.: +86-0754-8896 4228) for your residence permit (for study purpose) application with the required documents shown in the 'List of Required Documents for Residence Permit (for study purpose) Application'. 

To go to the PSB at Shantou, you can take Bus No. K3 from STU Stop (汕头大学站) across the university's main gate, take down at Huanghe Songshan Lukou Stop (黄河嵩山路口站) and walk back 20m to reach the PSB. You may want to check the map at the bottom of this page to see the route. 

Once the application is accepted, a residence permit application receipt will be issued to you as evidence of the legality of your stay in China whereby you may use ONLY IN MAINLAND CHINA as a temporary ID for travelling (e.g. hotel/train/flight booking and check-in/out) in mainland China during the period when your passport is held in the PSB for residence permit application.

The application will be processed and completed in normally 10 – 15 working days, subject to the issuer, with charges ranging from RMB 400/person (for less than 1 year), RMB 800/person (for 1 year or above but less than 3 years) to RMB 1,000/person (for 3 – 5 years), payable when the residence permit is issued and collected.

To pay for your residence permit application fee via WeChat, you can follow on WeChat the official account of Guangdong Exit-Entry Administration (广东出入境), select the section of "业务办理" (service), select "微信支付" (pay by WeChat) and enter the payment code (the number below the bar code on the visa receipt) together with the verification code (shown on the right side of the website) for payment. 


List of Required Documents for Residence Permit (for study purpose) Application.doc