The Small Park Tour on 14th February 2021


On the evening of 14th February 2021, led by the International Office, more than 30 overseas students, faculty and their family members participated in the evening tour to the Small Park, one of the must-go attractions located in the heart of the old downtown area of Shantou City.

The Matsu Temple Theatre was the first scenery spot that the overseas faculty, students and family members visited. In the theatre, they were ushered in a fabulous show of the Chao Opera, the local opera with a special place in the long and splendid history of Chinese operas thanks to its unique singing and dancing techniques. The amazing performance by the actors and actresses wowed all the audience and attract some overseas faculty and students to step onto the stage after the show to greet the troupe and have a warm talk with them. As it was the first time for most of the overseas faculty and students to watch the Chao Opera, many expressed their willingness to learn more about, and to promote, this precious intangible cultural heritage that is also taken as the local and national pride.

The overseas visiting delegation strolled around the Small Park after the visit to the theatre. The sparking advertising lights, in a ray of either modern or traditional fashion, of the shops and lingering waves of the shouts from the vendors alongside the streets in the Small Park generously prescribed a cure-all to the overseas visitors’ homesickness, making them believe, at least for a moment like those they always had in Shantou before, that they are right at home, cheerfully surrounded by their nearest and dearest.