STU 8th Global Local Chaoshan Culture Seminar “Malaysia Teochew Social Culture” Conference was Successfully Held


In order to thoroughly implement President Xi Jinping’s speech on inspecting the spirit of Shantou, closely connect the Chinese and Malaysian academia, and promote socio-economic and cultural exchanges between China and Malaysia, the 8th STU Global Local Chaoshan Culture Seminar “Malaysia Teochew Social Culture” Conference was held as scheduled in the Academic House from December 25 to 26.

The conference was hosted by the Chaoshan Cultural Research Center the Global Research Center, the Women’s Research Center of STU College of Liberal Arts. It was co-organized by Shantou University and the Shantou overseas Chinese History Society.


STU Global Local Chaoshan Culture Seminar was founded in 2013. It aims to interpret the development and changes of Chaoshan culture in the interactive flow process of global localization through an interdisciplinary and multi-tier perspective. The topics discussed at various seminars include: Global Localized Chaoshan Narrative: the Past and Future in the Current Perspective; When Chaoshan Meets Globalization; Global Local Chaoshan Digital Heritage – History, Story ,Narrative; Global Local Teochew Social Culture; Overseas Teochew and Their Culture; Thai Teochew Social Culture; Malaysian Teochew’s Social Culture, etc.

The conference invited 23 speakers from China and Malaysia to give keynote speeches and academic reports on Malaysia’s Teochew society and culture. Due to the prevention and control of the epidemic, the conference adopted a combination of online and offline. Malaysian scholars and some domestic scholars participated in the seminar through the video conference platform.

Through academic exchanges, the conference traced the cultural origin of Chaoshan region and Malaysia, explored the process of Chaoshan culture in Malaysia, and further spread and promoted Chaoshan culture, an important branch of Chinese culture. The participants’  expectations for Malaysia’s Teochew’s social culture and their future research and development are just as curator Chen Zaifan, director of Cultural Relics and Art Museum of Southern University put forward in his keynote speech: “In this post-epidemic ecology of the Internet tide, we should work together to create a digital red-head ship’ from the online of Chaoshan culture, the future grandeur of thousands of sails competing.