New Era University College

New Era University College currently has eight faculties comprising the Graduate School; Institute of International Education; Arts & Social Sciences; Computer Science and Information Computing Technology; Art and Design; Communication, Cinematic and Performing Arts; and Accountancy, Management and Economics, Institute of Ageing and Professional Care. Within these faculties are ten departments: Chinese Language & Literature, Education, Guidance & Counselling Psychology, Southeast Asian Studies, Business Studies, Finance & Accounting, Information Computing Technology, Art & Design, Drama & Visuals and Media Studies. The faculties offer Diploma as well as undergraduate and postgraduate degrees up to Masters and PhD levels. To promote research on Chinese education in New Era UC, the Tan Lark Sye Institute was formed in 2015. The hope and vision of New Era University College would make a strong impact and presence not only in Malaysia but also globally as a reputable and leading university rooted in Chinese education.