National Taiwan Ocean University

Founded in 1953, National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) has become a well-fledged university (with 6,458,346 square feet) on account of the superior leadership of the past principals and the efforts of the faculty, staff and students, originally named Provincial Taiwan Maritime Technology College (with only 10,677 square feet), Maritime College and National Taiwan College of Marine Science and Technology. NTOU is an ocean-based university, but not limited to the ocean and also an internationally well-known university with excellence in teaching and featured research. NTOU has three campuses: The main campus, Matsu campus, and Guanyin-Taoyuan campus. We have seven colleges, consisting of 22 departments, 12 graduate institutes, 28 master programs, 20 doctoral programs, 13 in-service master programs, and four bachelor programs of extension education. NTOU has nearly 9,000 students and about 500 overseas students, which makes NTOU the top ocean university internationally.